Locksmith Aurora, ON

Locksmith Aurora ON

When opening a shut door becomes a challenge, an automatic opener changes the situation in one single move. And every time you need to install handicap door operators in Aurora, Ontario, turning to our company will be a wise choice. Our long experience in the field and our expertise in all automatic door openers both make us the best bet for high-quality services. We are here should a failure pops and whenever you feel it’s time for handicap door opener installation or maintenance in Aurora. Call us.

Handicap Door Operators Aurora

We’re the experts in handicap door operators in Aurora

Today, there are many handicap automatic door openers on the market. And our team takes pride in being an expert in them all. Ideal for all commercial facilities, public buildings, and homes, such electric openers make doors automatic and thus become a convenience to handicapped people. Whether you want to retrofit a door in the house or invest in a handicap door operator at your business, we are at your service.

Experienced with the models of all major brands, our team here at Locksmith Aurora will make your life a lot easier. The openers vary in terms of features, size, and capacities but they all aim to enable people in crutches, wheelchairs, or walkers to go through the door at their own pace. Whether you want an opener for a simple single or double door or a revolving, swing, or sliding door, there are solutions. The techs install all parts of the operator with accuracy, in accordance with all standards, and with respect to the product’s specs.

Problems with the handicap automatic door openers? Call us

Do you need handicap door operator repair? Although most models are built for heavy traffic flow, the need for some repairs might arise over the years. Trust that our company will do the best in its power to serve you as fast as possible. Don’t let a single problem slow down traffic or raise safety concerns. Contact us as soon as you realize there’s a problem. We are here and ready to address problems. If you want same day repair, you can rely on us. If you like to avoid sudden glitches, feel free to call us for maintenance. Should the time to invest in new Aurora handicap door operators comes, trust the installation to our team! Let us know how we can assist you today.